Quarantine Musings: Day 2

This one is sort of like a subtweet, but it’s related to something that’s been on my mind for quite a while. Day 1 of the musings series was about the need for a new aesthetic to make way for the future. This one is a hard detour into the land of social relations. For context, a friend of mine is being a real bitch lately, and in large part I think social isolation is going to exacerbate this phenomena in not only him, but in people more broadly.

As it stands, the realm of the social has been nerfed, any affront to cultural marxism is met with resistance. The wrong word choice or intonation is taken as a heretical offense to the doctrine of Bio-Leninism. This of course, is like water to the normie, it’s just taken as a given. We are making progress and you don’t want to “offend” someone so what does it hurt you to not say certain things or to use certain tones. Fine, while insufferable, you could deal with this. Now throw in weeks of social isolation and we’re already seeing people behave “on edge.” It starts slow, in your friend group a few more fights break out. Then, on twitter there’s some more flame wars, maybe the algo starts removing more of your mutuals. Eventually…

Normies are not used to sitting with their thoughts. For the average person, having to sit around and just “be” with their thoughts is a nightmarish vision. The average person needs to keep busy, needs to hang out with friends, needs to blame external factors, etc. When left to their own devices, within social isolation, the serotonin and dopamine stripped from them, they start to unravel. They begin to lose their shit.

From what I can gather, this friend of mine is annoyed that I refuse to fall into the bugman mindset. Where everyone talks about their feelings, everyone complains, everything is about “venting.” In modernity, the refusal to vent and be constantly vulnerable is seen as “repression.”
You’re falling into “anachronistic notions of masculinity,” it’s “unhealthy” to keep your feelings inside, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Here’s a hot take: The opposite is true, men are forcing themselves to communicate emotions they’re not feeling. Men are being socially pressured to operate in feminine modes of communication.

How many times have you heard women say, “I don’t want you to solve my problems, I want you to listen!?” This is a classic trope from women because that’s how women communicate. The content of their communication is subordinate to the tonality and emotional interface. When women communicate, they’re mostly looking for you to empathize and acknowledge their perspective. It’s a plea for “intimacy.” Generally, this is accepted, validate the other person’s perspective and it’s “unhelpful” to try and solve their problems. Wait a second, what’s gone completely unexamined is men are naturally reverting to problem solving. Why are men immediately going towards an ends-oriented communication style? Why does it feel so forced to switch to a means-oriented validation style of communication? Why is it men don’t want to sit there and validate one of the fellas, and instead want to call him a faggot and move on? It’s because, its a farce.

Men are not suppressing their emotions. Really, we’re not. This notion is comes from the age where men went to war. They experience battle and the death of their comrades. When they return, they may had PTSD. Sure, they might have needed to open up in order to get to the bottom of why they’re fucked. On the whole, we don’t. Seriously, and I’m going to die on this fucking hill. You need to solve your fucking problem and move on. Do not spend time wallowing and definitely don’t try to convince your boys to be more emotionally open. For fuck’s sake. Go to a therapist or get a girlfriend (even they don’t want to hear you bitching. How many girls say “I’m not your therapist” or just dump you).

Now that we’re sufficiently deep into this post, I doubt anyone is even reading anymore, I can get to my other idea. We need to bring back the word faggot. Really we do. We can have a major campaign about how it has next to nothing to do with homosexuality more broadly if you want. Sure, I guess the word “soy” works, but people are claiming this with a badge of honor. I can’t have another conversation that devolves into soycuckery where I have to defend basic shit like its a carnal sin. Under liberalism, it’s a sin to “repress your emotions,” it’s sin to “not be offended.” it’s a sin to not be “vulnerable.” I’m supposed to get offended every time someone says the word nigger. I’m supposed to want to vote for the candidate that wants to defend the defenseless and blah blah. It’s all so tiresome. Who gives a fuck. Sue me for wanting to deal with reality. What we really need to examine is why “vulnerability” is so cherished? It’s almost like in late capitalism, being vulnerable might make you more susceptible to marketing or something…

While we’re on the topic. It’s really an embarrassment the way the Left wants to portray things like racism and sexism. There’s a marked difference between the overt libidinal forms of racism and the modern covert mortidinal forms of “racism.” The objective world was organized to reflect a racist agenda. There was segregation, sundown towns, barriers to voting, people being lynched in the streets. This was racism. My ancestors went through actual tribulations. They would roll in their fucking grave to see me”offended” because someone may or may not have said something with the incorrect word choice or tone of voice. This is what we’ve been reduced to. This pattycake faggotry is what I’m supposed to be offended by. The inflection of your tone. This hypersensitive verbal etiquette has become ubiquitous. Now, even outside of the realm of racism/sexism, etc. I’m supposed to watch my word choice. Not because I outright called someone a harsh name, but because my neutral statement might have been interpreted incorrectly. I am the asshole because they couldn’t interpret my statement correctly. Fuck that.

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