Quarantine Musings, day 6: Mmmm bugs

How many times have we proclaimed “I WILL NOT LIVE IN THE POD. I WILL NOT EAT BUGS.” Meanwhile, they got the entire world to live in a pod within a month and they have been programming us to the idea of eating bugs for years. It really wouldn’t take much at this point to make it permanent. A few more months of social isolation. A few months of back payments on rent, unemployment begins to dry up, and voila, you have yourself bug-eating indentured servants. The slave class in this world will beg to be fed the bugs–which of course will be advertised as nutritional and will be seen as a victory for the progressive agenda. “We solved global hunger!” they’ll say. Environmentally speaking, meat was bad anyway. Did you know most of the crops we grow is solely to feed the livestock we slaughter each year? Of course, this only applies to the slave class.

Just as 9/11 was a quick and efficient means to get people to volunteer for their privacy to be taken away, the Coronavirus pandemic is a great way to coax the average citizen to bolster the movement into podlife. Soon, we’ll see ecofascist bullshit from Leftists–who are invariably the mouthpiece for the future Overton window. They’ll goosestep in line with the the neoliberal agenda as they lament the climate crisis. Online, with the affect of a sassy black woman they will make textwalls about the need to reduce consumption. The general public isn’t responsible enough to make the correct decision. They have had their opportunity to get in line. We must act now.

Note the soyface. An even greater epidemic than Corona

I’m being too cynical, I’m sure they’ll dress up the bugs. After all, there’s not much difference between pea protein and cricket protein. Shit, we already know how authentic the Impossible Burger is! Look, it even has a red pigment! This is natural right? It has to be, it’s made from plants! If you ignore the Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich meme which started immediately after the Impossible Burger meme died down, you will see people are more than happy to virtue signal whilst they engorge themselves on xenoestrogens. After several months of starvation rations, you wont know the difference between this and real meat anyway.

Corona self-isolation isn’t end-game, but it’s certainly a dress rehearsal. Just like the PATRIOT Act, more of our civil liberties will be confiscated. We just get a full x-ray every single time we go on a plane, not a big deal. They have installed a backdoor into all of our technology. The same technology, by the way, which listens to your conversations, tracks your cookies, and checks your purchase history in order to suggest advertisements. At the turn of the century, this became the new normal. We’ve entered phase 2 and this pandemic will be precedent, making the descent into the pod easier.

Don’t worry, you’ll have virtual reality, video games, algorithmically generated porn, and streaming services. You will use some variant of an app in order to match with potential mates– assuming women’s attention needs aren’t already satisfied by social media simps and you haven’t depleted your libido with pornography. All of your food will be government supplied petroleum wax covered GMOs and entomologically-derived dyed radioactive estrogen. Bon AppĆ©tit! Of course you wont own your pod because property ownership is really just small-scale colonization and an ideological product of cishet white men. Instead, you will use a time-share system–some variety of Uber meets employer provided healthcare–as Amazon delivers any toiletries by drone. What else could you want!

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