I have been severely slacking about updating the website because I’ve been putting a lot more of my attention on Twitter as of late. This is of course not a great excuse, but its more or less what happened.

I updated the version_4::podcast page of the website which now has links to both the VEDIC CYBERGOD episode on race realism and bygone era of anon imageboards; as well as, the most recent Justin Murphy episode on his book Based Deleuze and independent models for intellectual thought.

Outside of the podcast, I am going to get back to writing blog posts regularly. I have been writing, but mostly inside of Standard Notes and Roam Research. The Standard Notes writing will ultimately be turned into a book, but the Roam threads are primed from blog posts, so I will compile them over the coming weeks.

Part of what has kept me from continuing to write on the blog is the change in my focus. The crypto market was in weird place for the past six months, and as a consequence, I’ve been thinking about completely different topics–many of which are not great to mix with my “professional life.” For the reason, I was reticent, but I have decided to just write what comes to me and hopefully those that read this will be able to see where my heart is.

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