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Pushing forward in my Video Games Can Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Life series, I was recently thinking about how apparent the cultural shift from libido to mortido has been. I’ve spoken about this a couple of times before, and recently I had an extended interview with Alexander Bard, the author who brought this idea to my attention. More often, you will hear this shift referred to as a move away from “the patriarchy” and towards a “more inclusive egalitarian society” aka a more matriarchal society.

From the beginning of human history, there’s always been two archetypal figures, the Ur Father and the Ur Mother. The Ur Father, the archetypal Male, stands for the harshness of reality, competition, moving towards an end, we need to move OVER THERE. Conversely, the archetypal Mother, controls the mating rituals, she controls when/which women can give birth. She is exemplified as the mother of all (e.g. mother nature), exemplified by circular time/recurrence (akin to menstrual or birth cycles). The symbolism of the Ur Father would be the spire, the column, the phallic and the Ur Mother, horizontal, circles, voids, etc.

All societies have narratives which map to these archetypes. They are central to the original tribal power structures. The eldest woman and the strongest/most experienced male held each of these roles. We humans, are story-telling apes and this hegemonic structure is base within our biological programming. Presently, in secular humanist America (as well as the world), we find ourselves in a political struggle that’s a proxy for the same two archetypes that have existed since antiquity.

The success of Western Society and the liberal project has allowed for us to reach a time of excess; decadence. There is so much surplus, and this is wholly thanks to the unrelenting “patriarchy” which lead to this moment in history. Now, in the new millennium, we are seeing the merger of New Testament–Protestant–Christianity and it’s agape, i.e. unconditional love, take over the political discourse. It’s not overtly apparent, but as Mencius Moldbug has eloquently pointed out, modern Leftism is simply Protestant ethics taken to their natural conclusion, unabated by sexual or racial limitations. This matriarchal mode of love, this need to “include” all, has filtered through democracy and has been amplified by the permission-less and flat internet which has birthed a society which eschews all libidinal modes.

We’ve entered a time of weakness.

A time where we’re urged to make ourselves small, urged to exalt victims, urged to become weak and decrepit.

A time where we’re urged to make ourselves small, urged to exalt victims, urged to become weak and decrepit.

All of which flies directly in the face of lessons learned through video games.

The Leaderboard

The leaderboard is a quintessential aspect of any competitive game. You spend countless hours in order to best. Every hour spent trying to master your character or game of choice doesn’t make you hate the person at the top of the leaderboard, in fact, you likely gain more admiration! You slowly begin to understand just what it takes to get to that level of play. You begin to understand the dedication, the strategy, and the insight it requires.

The modern discourse from the Left (predominantly, but not exclusively) is to disdain the successful. It’s a discourse that aims to tear down the 1% (which extends to even fiscally responsible members of the middle class by the way) and claims they MUST be psychopaths, they MUST have gotten their success through underhanded means, they MUST have been handed all of their wealth due to their PRIVILEGE. It’s the only explanation!

This is a trap my friends.

The most important thing to control is your mindset. Forgive me as I paraphrase books like Think and Grow Rich, The Secret, etc. but your mind is a pattern solving machine. The evolutionary process has molded a brain that is optimized to pattern match. As a consequence, if you think about privilege, if you think about obstacles, if you think about ways in which you are not able to do something, you will only find obstacles in your way.

It’s that simple.

If you ever tried to play a game competitively, you would know the fastest way to improve is not to look at the best players and go “fuck them, they got there because of luck,” it’s to watch what they do. It’s to look to them as inspiration. It’s to look at these people as successful examples of those who have overcome the problems you are currently facing. In fact, the most successful learn from the best directly, they ask questions, etc. You will get absolutely nowhere by demonizing the successful or discrediting them to save you ego.


Yeah, you and everyone else, that’s reality.

The surplus of modernity has led to a society of weak-willed and weak minded people–myself included. When I hear about what people only a generation or two older than I have been through, I’m humbled.

In fact, I’m going to risk “cancellation” and take this one step further: Privilege doesn’t matter. Stop complaining. No one cares.

tl;dr: no one gives a fuck so get gud.

Pick a game. Any game. People have won professional tournaments with missing limbs, with joke characters, with insane handicaps, etc. There is an NFL player with ONE HAND. There’s always a myriad of reasons why you cannot do something; that’s the harshness of reality, that’s the patriarchy, that’s the Leaderboard. Reality is what exists when you stop believing it in; The Leaderboard is absolute. You cannot wish away the true ranking. It’s a fact of life.

Elon Musk is beating you. Donald Trump is beating you. Kanye West is beating you. 

Pick your game.

Our society is attempting to devalue patriarchal modes. In large part, this is why you are seeing the rise of the reactionary Right; why books like Bronze Age Mindset are doing so well. Moments such as these occur often, but I think this one will stick around far longer than anyone anticipates because of the horizontal nature of the internet and the weakness of men.

Video games are only a tutorial for life. As valuable as these lessons can be, they pale in comparison to the lessons from reality. We all have our vices, but you have to understand when they get out of hand. Too many men are being pacified and culled by the allures of video games, pornography, and Netflix. This sapping of time and the male libidinal drive is part of why the incels, betas, and women are taking over. Why the mortidinal mode has run rampant. Men will spend countless hours eating shitty food, playing video games for dopamine hits, and jerking off to some fatherless woman chasing attention and “liberation” by selling her nudes to bugmen, but wont start a business or pursue their passion with the wholeness of their being.

Reality is Ranked Matches.

Go out into the world and win. Go out and dominate your respective hierarchy.

The one positive of there being so much soycuckery in this world is that you have that much less competition. The beginning, the initial push, is the hardest. Start-up costs have all but been eliminated so differentiating yourself from the noise is where the difficulty lies. Getting up off your worthless ass and attempting something, with sincerity is and will always be difficult. Push past the fear of failure. Push past doubts and reservations.

Remember that 10th prestige in Modern Warfare?

Remember when you got 5 stars on every song on Expert in Guitar Hero?

Remember that you reached Grand Master in Street Fighter?

Though none of those feats occurred in meatspace, they did occur in realm of global competition. That was you demonstrating your indomitable will against boys/men around the world. If you could achieve greatness online you can do great things in this world. It takes a similar amount of perseverance and simply learning the controls of reality.

You have mastered many domains. You have demonstrated to yourself and the world that you are capable of greatness. If you find yourself EVER making excuses for yourself, remember the tenacity you showed as an adolescent. Remember that drive, that libidinal energy that pushed you. Instinctively, you understand there are winners and losers. In life, there are real consequences and real hierarchies. Take the positive aspects of modernity, such as the freedom to choose the hierarchy you want to compete in, and discard the bugmen and victimhood mentality society has attempted to push upon you. Just like you waited, seething with anticipation in front of Gamestop at midnight so you could “pwn noobs” in Call of Duty, seethe with exuberance about Life. Go out and kick some ass.

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